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Your event is now added to our master list and your request is broadcast. You’ll be notified by the email you supplied on the request form, letting you know the number of the donations you have received, the total value of the gift certificate donations, and how they can be shipped to you. You’ll also receive 8.5×11″ full colour pages of the donation description with the donor’s logo prominently displayed, ideal for a silent auction, or raffles.

Shipping Donations

These donations are given to you at no cost, and there is never a cost for charities to use this website however, the donations must be shipped to you.  Four color printing is not done in New Mexico so shipping is required. In order for us to keep this platform free, we do ask for organizations requesting donations to cover the mailing cost. Details will follow once we have determined the amount of donations you have received, depending on the weight for standard mail at the post office.

Rush requests can be handled. If this is a rush, premium shipping costs are offered, you can choose how you want them delivered.

If you have any questions in the meantime, we prefer to be contacted via email at: winwin@ABQDonations.com

Oh, and by the way, please help us ensure there is no duplication of effort.

It helps us to have ONLY contact person per request, it’s best to notify others in your organization that you have made this request, it helps donors to receive just one request per event.
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Not a Registered Charity?

This service is intended for charitable organizations, if you are not a registered nonprofit organization, please state your  special circumstances and we will broadcast your appeal as a special request using the information you have provided. It is always up to the donors to decide who they give to.

General Inquiries:

Direct all inquiries to winwin@ABQDonations.com, we’re quick to answer!

We wish you the most success on your next fundraising event, and hope we can assist in securing more donations than ever before!