What goes around

What goes around, comes around.

heart iconThis is a donation service that designs, prints, and manages custom gift certificate donations* for local businesses such as restaurants and spas, to give to local charities, ideal for silent auctions at gala events, raffles,  golf tournaments, or other fundraising events. Ideal for businesses who want to grow too.



Is there reciprocity in giving?
Yes, here’s how businesses can thrive while charities receive higher donations with more frequency.

“Donor Fatigue”– it’s real and happens when donors are asked several times by several charities for a donation to a local fundraising event. Employees, volunteers, and board members, everyone asks, and it’s really not easy for a local business to say “no” to helping. It happens when accountants send out the alarm bells to the owner that they need to make profit to stay in business, not to keep giving things away.

In our town, there can be over 400 events a year, there’s only 365 days in the year.

Albuquerque Donations offers #endDONORfatiguea proactive solution to end Donor Fatigue, and to ramp up giving in an interconnected, holistic way for both donors and nonprofit organizations.


Golden egg – Golden Rule. It applies here.

It’s free for charitable organizations to use the site and make requests.

Businesses pay for bandwidth and tech services to create and management custom branded donations with more options to manage, distribute, archive, and market their business.

How it works

  • The representative or organizer of a fundraising event makes a REQUEST for a donation through this site, with an opportunity to tell donors all about the event and who it benefits.
  • Donors can choose to give or not. (With this service donors tend to give more because they are giving in ways that help them market their business to a local audience, the kind of customers they want to have coming back again and again to their business.)
  • By donating specially designed, unique gift certificates in multiples, rather than just one, a business donor can build constant customer traffic and bring repeat business to their location and charities receive greater donation values.
  • Albuquerque Donations provides easy-to-use online help for businesses allowing proper branding of both printed gift certificates and display materials supplied to every fundraising event.
  • By facilitating communication through this platform, and delivery of donations to every nonprofit fundraising event, businesses save time and resources, archive their donation receipts, and can view results of their donations at any time.


The gift certificates are generally bid on and purchased through a charity event like a silent auctions or raffles. Local people show up to support local local charities and in turn support local businesses who have donated.

A business donor pays approximately 56¢/gift certificate to use this management service, distribution, and printing of their approved gift certificate donations ensuring their logos are properly displayed on all their printed promotional materials. Click here for more info if you are a local business who would like to participate.

If you are having a charity fundraising event and need donations, simply make a request for each of your events, rush orders can also be handled, though still require approval and print time before shipping donations.


star symbolABQDonations.com does not take any percentage or portion of a donation. It is a free service for nonprofits to use, intended as a community resource that also helps business owners and managers give more and prosper, building more traffic, more exposure, and acquiring loyal, local customers.

“This service solves a huge problem for any “open door” business and that is, how to support numerous local charities in an economy that is fiscally challenging for local business-owners. No one wants to say “no”, but in the last few years the requests for donations have burgeoned in number. ABQDonations represents an equitable, creative, win-win solution for both donor and recipient.”