SILENT AUCTIONS AREN’T SO SILENT ANYMORE, HERE’S WHY:Gift certificates done differently.

Giving gift certificates has evolved – making it far easier to give them, and to give more. Why? The reciprocal benefits help grow your business when you upmarket your donations.  Let traditional businesses buy plastic gift cards and await donation seekers. Businesses using Albuquerque Donations can now manage, create, and approve donations online, digitally archive records and change giving patterns to build business too. Best of all, accountants love Albuquerque Donations because they see new business and profits in donating differently.

It’s super simple to use, supported by the entire Albuquerque community, giving charities more and bottom-line growth for businesses too.

Toss the old-fashioned plastic gift cards, opt for GROWTH BY GIVING

Albquerque Donations is a better way to give gift certificate donations from local businesses, and for charity fundraisers to get donations with a simple request here. It’s a fresh new approach that solves the age-old conundrum, poster and gift certificates“how many charity fundraising events can I give to without going broke?”. It’s a total paradigm-shift, a new way to look at donating that offers marketing tools to build business too. Now businesses can give to all charities with gift certificates they custom create in multiples that give charities more value immediately, and bring more local customers back to them, and more profits long term.

Businesses can:

  • Track and archive giving histories
  • View and approve (or not) all local donation requests
  • Offer better gift certificate donations
  • Calculate an ROI for each donation
  • Distribute their newly created custom gift certificates with frequency and one click automation
  • Maximize marketing and social opportunities that grow business with sustainable customer acquisition

Multitudes of donation requests? No problem.

Re-invent HOW you give, WHAT you give
WHEN you give.

It’s super simple, and automated as much as you want.

Q: Do you know how many nonprofit employees or volunteers will come to your door this week to ask for a donation?

A: None, if you’re part of ABQ Donations (ABQD).

Q: How many donations did you give out last month? Or last year?

A: With ABQ Donations you’ll know exactly, with donation receipts logged and ready for your accountant, all in one place.

Q: Do you know, or have a way to track the profit and loss metrics from previous donations?

A: With the Donation Lab*, you can use simple tools that assist you in calculating projected return on investment/donation, then press CREATE, and you have readily available donations to distribute whenever you approve a new donation request.

Donating is now liberating

*The online system is updating in early 2017, if you want to get started today, email  or call us at 505-850-8016, and we’ll assist you with links you can use right away.