Have a fundraising event coming up?

We’ll help broadcast it for you and motivate local businesses to donate gift certificates. Here’s how:
  1. Go to the CONTACT page and load the event details. Who benefits, what is the date of the event, and your contact information. You will need to make this request every time you have an event.
  2. We broadcast your request to our business donors.
  3. You’ll hear back from us via email when all business donors have responded. You’ll get a list of who donated, what they donated, and the total value. You’ll also receive display materials.

It is free fundraisers to request a donation and use the platform, nor does Albuquerque Donations take any percentage of a donation. There is however, a shipping cost to receive your hard-copy gift certificates by mail. In order to maintain this free online platform, we do ask you to cover the direct cost of shipping. We will advise when we know how many donations you are receiving –  the post office weighs each donation pack(regular mail ranges from $3- $8).


What donations will I receive?

A: The one request you make on this site can result in multiple donors, and multiple donations. If approved, a donor will send you their custom designed gift certificates and display materials. Most ABQ donors give more than one gift certificate, for use monthly, and bundled as a single donation, ultimately offering considerably higher dollar/donation value than a traditional plastic gift card. Your  nonprofit organization receives more value per donor, enabling you to raise more $$$. Recognizing that your event appeals to local residents, business donors make a positive impact in the community by participating, and also gain more customers as a result of giving, and giving more this way.

You will also receive  8.5×11″ printed display materials to showcase the donation and an info sheet with the addresses of all donors, making is easy to send them a special thank you and donation receipt.


How many times can I ask for donations?

A: Every time you have a silent auction or raffle or an event where you can use gift certificate donations to raise funds for your organization, you can ask for a donation. Some donors give to all events, in that case, they may give several times a year.

How will I know if we are receiving donations?

A: You will receive an email from us usually within a week, unless your event is more than three months away. If that is the case, then we will let you know within 8 weeks of your event. Check that emails are not filtered in your mail delivery system, they will come from “winwin@albuquerquedonations.com”, labelled “Donations Update”.

NOTE: If we have a new sponsor for the Donation Depot to pick up your donations locally, your donations will be shipped via regular mail (as per your instructions/choice). We are currently seeking a sponsor to provide shipping. They are currently NOT printed in New Mexico so your hard-copy donations must be mailed. A flat rate for shipping will apply unless there is a Donation Depot or sponsor.



Let’s hear from you….

We love to get feedback and kudos, and most of all, tell  us how well your fundraiser did, please do share, email us or let us help you celebrate by sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

“When asking Marcello’s Chophouse for a donation to benefit a student organization, they referred me to AlbuquerqueDonations.com. What a great resource! Not only was I able to receive one donation, but I was able to receive many more. Thanks!”
Kim Jarigese President, NMAMAThanks icon
(New Mexico chapter of the American Marketing Association)