Talk to Participating Business Donors in ABQ*


image of dice with What, Why, When on itSubmit a new request for every event you have. There’s no limit.
It’s always free for donation seekers to make a request, it is then broadcast to registered business donors (in Albuquerque) for their approval. Once approved, you will be notified with the email from contact information you provide below. You’ll also receive display materials to use at your event with a detailed description that also enables you to showcase the business donating to your organization. These donations are ideal for silent auctions and raffles.
NOTE: Please notify others in your committee that a request has been made to ensure we have only one contact person per event. 
*We are currently only distributing gift certificate donations from local businesses, with a goal to broaden it in the future.

We wish you the most success on your next fundraising event, and hope we can assist in securing more donations than ever before!


PS: Help us ensure there is no duplication of effort. Please alert staff and committee members that you have submitted this request assuring we have one contact person and one request per event.

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This service is intended for charity fundraising events. If you are not a registered nonprofit organization, state your special circumstances and we will broadcast your appeal as a special request, using the information you have provided. It is always up to the donors to decide who they give to. Donors give for many reasons, not just for charitable receipts.

 General Inquiries:

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